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It’s a great month for ducks!!!


Oh my goodness hasn’t the weather been terrible this month! We’ve been very lucky here in the scheme of things; thankfully no flooding, no leaks, just torrential rain. Thinking back to last year, by this time we had enjoyed several weeks of glorious sunshine. There were moans from some that it was “too hot, I can’t stand this heat any longer!”  I wonder what they are saying this year? Maybe “I can’t stand this rain any longer it’s too wet”!


I’m sitting at Elibec HQ wondering what to write the blog about looking out of the window watching the ducks sitting on the pond. They look so happy but then as long as we keep feeding them the ducks always seem to look happy.  Perhaps we should start looking at the positives in all situations? Keeping that thought, we’ve had a large order come through from a retailer who stocks our products. Of course, torrential rain does have the effect of bringing people indoors so where as last year people were outside enjoying the sunshine, this year they are taking cover to avoid the rain and maybe buying from those small artisan producers.


So, when you’re about to complain about the weather stop and think because maybe it’s doing someone else a very big favour!

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