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Heat, humidity and holidays


Having enjoyed a few days of lovely weather we are again sitting looking out on rain; the difference this time is the humidity levels have risen and are set to rise higher.  Liz and I are both hot and tired having had a warm and humid night, however the answer to our problem is very close at hand! No, we don’t have control of the weather but we do have a bottle of Refreshing Mist with Rose. A quick spritz of this cooling liquid packed full of natural anti-oxidants really does help to refresh and soothe skin.


As the week heats up again this Mist becomes our favourite go to product.  Spray your pillow/sheets for a cooling night and apply liberally during the day to take the heat out of your skin. 


At home I’m just about to start packing for a holiday and a bottle of Refreshing Mist is always the first thing that goes into the case. Hot days, warm nights, sweaty feet, the uses are endless; it really will be put to very good use. 


Get your orders in ready to see you through the coming weeks of summer.

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