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Just because you’re shopping online, you’re not alone


Picture the scene; torrential rain, mud and a marquee!


That was how Liz and I spent part of Saturday. Sounds awful really but actually we had a very enjoyable few hours.  We had been asked to take our products to a “Ladies Day” at Bridgnorth Rugby club and as the rain poured it was an agreement we both began to regret. In fact we were very glad to attend.


A massive thank you to Bridgnorth Rugby Club!


The welcome we received, the camaraderie between other stall holders and the contact with our customers was lovely. 


Selling products online is a convenient sales medium, you can shop 24hrs a day without us having to sit waiting for a customer. But it really was good to talk to the ladies, discuss skincare needs and advise particular products.  So please remember just because you’re shopping online you’re not alone, we are always available for advice.

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