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Wearing of masks


As the wearing of face masks is being suggested more, we need to think about the side effects on our skin.   Obviously for the mask to work it needs to fit tight to the skin, the band across the nose, cheek, chin and around the ears can get sore and rub. If the mask is being worn for some time, the skin under the mask can become prone to spots and breakouts. All this results in sore skin that can be quite different to the normal day to day skin condition you have.


For these reasons you may need to change your skincare routine. To most of us mask wearing is a new thing so how your skin will react is unknown, for that reason we cannot recommend a blanket cream for all your ‘mask’ issues but we can give some guidelines.


Lavender is very good for healing skin injuries, is anti-inflammatory and gives natural pain relief. 


Rose has natural antiseptic properties, is very delicate for sore skin.


Geranium is antibacterial and increases blood flow below the skin surface which helps to heal blemish is and irritations.


If you are suffering with any skin problems, we are very happy to give advice on which product may help you.

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