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International Men’s Day



19th of November is International Men’s Day. Who knew we would need a particular day to celebrate individual sexes but apparently, we do!  From our perspective at Elizabeth Beckett Skincare, men have always proved a difficult market. Who knew men’s skin was so different to ladies? They don’t need to moisturise; they don’t get dry or irritated skin!

Of course, we all know that’s far from the truth, men’s skin is exactly the same as ours. It needs moisturising, it gets inflamed and very dry. The difference is a lot of men choose to live with these problems rather than address them. Many men will splash on aftershave maybe just for the scent but also to “close” the pores opened by shaving - how about using an aftershave balm instead? Balm will calm and hydrate the skin while the spearmint, which is antibacterial, will help reduce inflammation and breakouts. This small change can make all the difference without men feeling less masculine about their daily regime.

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