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Refreshing mist


This post is one I normally write at this time of year when we are thinking about our holidays abroad! What a different year this is.


In fact, I still think this post is worth writing. Refreshing mist is that lovely product that spritzed on your face or body can refresh, cool, hydrate and rejuvenate. Obviously when you’re going abroad somewhere with full sun and high heats it really is a wonderful addition to your packing but it can be just as useful on a staycation.


We do get hot days and a quick spritz can be very pleasant. Doing sport and fitness anytime of the year raises your heat levels so using this spray is so refreshing. Another use, helps with a problem many of us have in the summer but to some woman all year round; overheating during the night!! Try spritzing yourself, or nightclothes or bed linen, that light moisture will cool whilst the gentle scent will relax. Reapply as often as is needed.


So, wherever you’re spending your summer a bottle of Refreshing Mist might be useful to keep close at hand.

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