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Get your feet sandals ready


1- soak

Give your feet a really good soak in warm water it needs to be long enough to soften the skin. Now give them a real thorough wash making sure you go between all your toes. This not only leaves the feet clean but helps to improve circulation.



Either using a pumice stone, an exfoliating cream or if you’ve neither of these use store cupboard item, sugar or salt make good foot exfoliants just add some to a small amount of cream and scrub away.


3-Cut toe nails

These should always be cut straight, it’s easiest with clippers and then file any sharp points with an emery board.


4- Moisturise

A foot cream should be an intensive moisturiser as the skin on your feet is 10 times thicker than the rest of your skin, massage it thoroughly into your clean feet.

Feet should be moisturised after every shower but if you don’t have the time try applying cream when you go to bed, it will soak deep into the cell layers overnight giving you lovely feet in the morning.


5- pop a pretty colour on your toe nails and your feet will look really sandal ready.

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