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Send the gift that gives a “hug”


Recently I had a friend who received some rather worrying news. You know the one “it might be something but it might not“, “I’ve got to be seen urgently but I’m on a waiting list“. We have all known someone in this awful situation when life goes on hold waiting for news.   I was going to send her flowers but knew several friends would be doing this, perhaps some nice chocolates, but feeling so low do you really want to be eating? What I decided to send was a bottle of Hand Cream with Lavender. Lavender is such a wonderful essential oil, not only is it anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory but it’s a very calming oil.  Helping to relax anxiety, insomnia and depression giving this cream will give a “caring hug” every time it’s used. 

So next time you need a “thinking of you” gift try Lavender Hand Cream; it certainly gave my friend that helping hand she very much needed. 

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