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Sun Cream and Lavender


With further nice weather, do remember to apply sun cream.


Even on a duller day you can find yourself getting sunburn and skin damage, so on very sunny days it’s even more important to apply sun cream and reapply as the day progresses. If, however, you do find yourself with some sore pink skin, apply a lavender essential oil-based product, as the lavender will not only sooth but also help to heal.


Our Hand Cream with Lavender is perfect to use on such occasions as not only do you have the healing properties of the lavender but rapeseed oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9. This reduces inflammation of the skin, improves skin structure and the high levels vitamin E is deeply moisturising.


So next time you’re a little pink from the sun reach for your Hand ream and let nature heal for you.

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