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Week 8 – we’re getting there!


Here we are week 8 of lockdown, how are you all doing?


Chatting with friends; a subject came up that I thought was worth mentioning.  Concern about buying products that might have Covid-19 on packaging or ingredients within it. How long this wretched virus lives on various materials is unknown but so far it appears days rather than weeks or months.

So, I’m here to put your mind at rest when buying Elizabeth Beckett products. Because we are a small company, we have to purchase unnecessarily large quantities of packaging, labels, and ingredients to keep prices at a reasonable level compared to large companies who buy everything in bulk. We haven’t needed to order any of these things for many months so in fact the only person who will have handled any part of your product is Liz.  She is working from home with very little contact with the outside world and very high hygiene standards.

It also seems a good moment to say we won’t be increasing our prices during this Corona outbreak as many companies have done. Obviously for companies having to buy packaging and ingredients at the moment they will be paying a premium which will in turn be passed onto the consumer.


Hopefully this has put your mind at rest during these difficult times.

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