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Why Frankincense?


I’m sure many of you just think of Frankincense as one of the gifts taken by the three kings at Christmas and very little else. In fact, frankincense has some wonderful properties that make it an important part of our skincare products. 


Frankincense is a resin from a tree originating in Africa and has been used for hundreds of years in many forms to heal the body.  We use it within our skincare for two main reasons. Firstly, it is wonderful at calming irritated skin; it will sooth inflamed cells so helping to reduce spots or acne occurring.  It’s second super power is Frankincense helps rejuvenate cells which in turn reduces the signs of ageing. Adding it to rose which is also good for cell regeneration, skin calming and hydrating you have a cream packed with goodness that will continue working for you hours after it’s been applied. 


Having just made a batch of the Rose and Frankincense face cream I can assure you another benefit of these two essential oils is the scent, it’s so beautiful you can’t help but feel good.


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