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Looking for a one cream wonder?


Whether you’re trying to save money, going on holiday and want to pack light or just simply want to reduce the number of products you use, our creams are all versatile and could be multi-used.


Here’s a guide to what product suits:


Cleanser with Geranium.

Geranium essential oil is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial which make it effective in controlling acne breakouts and skin irritations. This cleanser also contains vitamin E which blocks free radicals (molecules found in pollution, smoke, dust and sun) this helps to reduce signs of ageing and wrinkles but also adds extra rich moisturising making it perfect for whole body use. This is quite a rich product so use sparingly if applying as a face cream.


Hand Cream with Lavender

This is a perfect allrounder. Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce skin imperfections, antioxidants, which reduce signs of ageing and antiseptic to heal. Use it anywhere on the body for moisturising, applying with a cleansing cloth to exfoliate and tone the skin.


Body Cream with Rose

This cream is slightly lighter in texture but stills has huge benefits. As an anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerator, it will moisturise, heal and replenish skin cells. As an added bonus the scent is good for lifting moods and calming stress.


So, if you’ve had enough of your skincare regime taking ages or you want just one product to pop in your suitcase try a ‘one cream wonder”!

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