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About Elizabeth Beckett


I grew up on my father's farm in rural Shropshire and have always loved country life. 

Doing a degree in accounting at Derby, I spent many years travelling around the country working in the construction industry.  It was during this time my skin problems began. Air conditioned offices and long working hours left my skin dull and dehydrated.

I tried lotions and potions all claiming wonderful things but hundreds of pounds later my skin was still a problem.

During one uninspiring lunchtime shopping trip I experienced something of a skincare epiphany; If the chemical filled high street brands didn't help why not try making my own! 

Some 5 years later my moisturiser has spread to a whole skincare range enjoyed by many.


Elizabeth Beckett Skincare


Production began life at my cottage near Bridgnorth in Shropshire. Creams were made on the Aga with my Labradors Stella and Tank at my feet. As orders began arriving I moved to a local farm shop, where I employed staff, made and sold creams and oils in a small shop.  

Exactly one year later expanding out of our surroundings we returned to my home but this time to a workshop converted from an outhouse. 

Inspired by the desire to minimise food miles we felt more should be done to minimise 'beauty miles'. As far as possible our ingredients are sourced from within Great Britain, the largest constituent of all our products is obtained from a local family owned farm.  

We are intent on making quality products we are pleased to use and confident to recommend to others. 

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